1955 Porsche Pre-A 1600 Speedster.

Showing only 43,141 original miles on the odometer. This is a numbers matching engine and transmission that is currently undergoing mechanical restoration but keeping cosmetic appearance so that it looks like it just rolled out of a barn.

This car was parked in 1985 and has been sitting untouched since then. We have not cleaned or started it in order to preserve its time-capsule condition. The original interior is in amazing shape. The body is dry and structurally excellent, with only a few areas of minor rust on the undercarriage. The floors, battery box, and longitudinals are original; the hood, decklid, and doors are all numbered. The doors shut superb, like the car was built yesterday. Factory Kardex included.

The combination of a Speedster Pre-A with a 1600cc engine is rare. Porsche built just a few examples of the Pre-A with this engine, all of them in Oct, Nov and December of 1955. The engine fitted in the car has number 60130, indeed the 130th 1600cc Porsche engine built.